President: Lisa Baer  /  lisa.baer@comcast.net

A recent transplant from Maple Grove to Otsego, I was looking for a way to be involved in the community and realized there was not a local Women of Today chapter - so I started one!  am very excited for the NEW Rogers Otsego Dayton Women of Today to start doing good In our growing communities!


 Fun Fact #1 - I have never been to Canada but have been to Mexico 15 times.

 Fun Fact #2 - I have 3 grown daughters and will be a grandma soon!

 Fun Fact #3 - I am a licensed REALTORⓇ 

Membership Vice President:  Nicole Beehler / ms.beehler@gmail.com
Treasurer & State Delegate:
Angela McIntire  /  amcintire12@gmail.com

I love to volunteer and spent many years volunteering with my son’s schools and the local food shelves. I wanted to be a part of this organization from the ground up and I look forward to developing and forming this organization into something that will be passed along for others   to become a part of for years and years to come.

 Fun Fact #1 - I have been to all but 6 states. 

 Fun Fact #2 - I grew up on a dairy farm where I milked cows and drove tractors.

 Fun Fact #3 -  I have lived in over 30 different houses,15 different cities and 2 different states.

Secretary:  Jane Gangl  /  jagangl@yahoo.com

joined the Rogers Otsego Dayton Women of Today because I wanted to be more

involved in my community. 

Fun Fact #1 - I am married and have 2 sons.

Fun Fact #2 - We enjoy comping and boating in the summer.

Fun Fact #3 - My husband and I play sand volleyball.

Program Vice President & Parliamentarian:
Tracy Salwei  /  tracysalwei@gmail.com

Fun Fact #1 - I volunteer over 100 hours annually.

Fun Fact #2 - Fundraising is a competitive sport for me (I love coming up with themes and raising money.)

Fun Fact #3 - I am a Certified Fraud Examiner.

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