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Stop! Read, do and feel energized.

I write this blog to first, motivate myself and second, to motivate other WOT that we can make a difference in our lives with just 10 minutes. This blog isn't about helping others, but ourselves! Let the guilt go and do what you can. You got this!

Ready, set, go! Set a timer for 10 minutes and stop, do no more. Reveal in your first step towards a simplified lifestyle!

  1. Mediate for 10 minutes. Close your eyes. Re-center for a renewed day.

  2. Sort your emails, work on only one sorted class at a time such as bills, work or personal emails. Set the rest aside for another day.

  3. Delete all "junk" and "spam" email - boom quick hundreds of emails cleared.

  4. Feeling energized? Clean out all top cupboards of your kitchen. Donate those souvenir cups from 10 years ago, are you really going to get the refill at Disney World this year??

  5. In the mood to clean more cupboards? Tackle all pantry or lower level cupboards, donate or get rid of unneeded items.

  6. Still going in the kitchen. Let's hit that junk drawer or two if you are like my house.

  7. Toss expired and unused items in the fridge, including all those free condiments packets!

  8. Create a menu calendar for 2 weeks (nothing fancy just get the basics: protein, veggie and carbs) and reuse for the next month. Extra food on hand you won't use, bag up and donate to the local food shelf.

  9. Clean and organize those under sink cabinets just in your bathrooms. Restock supplies while you are in there.

  10. Old towels in your bathroom, maybe now is the time to freshen those up.

  11. Extra medications left around the house? Bag them up and take them to your local Police Department's return medication bins.

  12. Write and send gratitude cards to friends and family.

  13. Quickly jot down upcoming events on your electronic or physical calendar (I use both, the family calendar hangs in the kitchen for all to see).

  14. Laundry waiting? Set aside certain days to wash each family member's clothes and then teach them (if you have kids) so they can do their own laundry in the future.

  15. Donate any books you have not read in the last 6 months.

  16. Hit the closets! 10 minutes to donate clothes you know you won't wear. Have family members clean their closets at the same time. Everyone can do this for 10 minutes.

  17. Start that exercise program you planned on doing - just 10 minutes to get started.

  18. Complete your shopping online - store the basics in your profile so you don't need to re-order them every time.

  19. Create a high-level cleaning schedule for the week, and assign chores to the family to help you.

  20. Delete those unused or old apps off your phone.

Take the step and complete one task a day, week or month and feel the freedom. Encourage yourself to keep going.

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