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Volunteers: Why you are needed

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

We need you! Our Chapter needs volunteers!

I believe most of us what to do good, share our time and talents, but the truth is many potential volunteers are stuck in the "thinking" process. Thinking will I be over my head, will I understand what is needed, will I fail, or will I be embarrassed if I can't do something. Truth is, we all go through this "thinking" process when we start our first volunteer gig!

Our Chapter has an amazing Board and they are ready and willing to mentor new volunteers. Our President, Lisa, jumped in headfirst not knowing what to do, but she pushed forward and created our Chapter! She used resources available to her from the District and State level. Just imagine what we could do if all our members jumped in and volunteered - our Chapter would be more AMAZING in giving back to our local communities, creating stronger member relationships and personal fulfillment.

Life is busy, I get it! I ask you what are you busy with these days? The pandemic has turned our lives upside down, we have become teachers, full time chefs, pet groomers, beauticians, extreme sanitizers and stressed parents for those of us with kids. It's time for you to make more time for you! Each one of us has secret talents tucked in each of us. My talent was actually volunteering itself, organizing events, and raising moneys/good for organizations in autonomy. The feeling of the power of giving is incredible! I urge you to give.

Our chapter has many open positions and I invite all of you to join the fun. Volunteering is always dependent upon your time and talents.

Open positions with our Board are: State Delegate

Open positions with our Chapter are: Social Media/Marketing Chair, E-Newslet Committee Members, Historian Committee Members, Fundraising Committee Members, and other programming projects like Pride in our Park.

"Without volunteers we would be a nation without a soul." - Rosalynn Carter

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